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Our Meat

We have long known that great tasting beef doesn’t come from great grillin’ and cookin’, it comes from high quality cattle. If you start with great stock, you will get a great steak, burger, and roast. You don’t need seasonings or marinades to make our beef taste great, it just naturally tastes that way.

“The "WOW" factor of Dakota's finest."

Burl Oaks Golf Club served two meals featuring DSM's top notch offerings - Ribs & Pulled Pork for one outing, Prime Rib for another. Members AND guests agreed the meats were some of the best they've ever had and helped make the food for our 3 day event match the first class service, golf, and competition of the event. We look forward to continued offerings from Dakota Signature Meats throughout the season and a return to next year's event as well! Thank you!!
Steph Hamilton


Whether you like them pre-pattied or you like to make your own, our burger is certain to make you wish you’d ordered more!   

Raising better beef

We take pride in the humane treatment of our cattle. The cattle are calm and welcome the feed wagon each and every morning! By reducing stress on cattle, the consumer will be treated to a tender and juicy meal sure to satisfy your appetite!

Family Values

We take pride in our daily routine of providing meat to our customers, but most importantly we always are finding ways to drive our business forward in this ever-changing land God gave us.

Meat Our Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of meats is to order them from our online store! Imagine the cooking aromas as you choose the most enticing meats to satisfy your palate.