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Our Story

Our story is one forged in family & faith. Raising beef isn’t just a job to us, it’s a way of life. We work hard every day, and give thanks on Sunday. 

“Why We Are Different”

The ultimate driving force behind Dakota Signature Meats is passion. We don't raise cattle and run our farm as a hobby or a means to an end. We are driven by the purest form of hard work. If you get the chance to stop out and meet me or my team or give us a call, you will understand the underlying foundation of what we do here. We take the utmost pride in our daily routine to provide the best meat on the market to our customers, but more importantly we are always finding ways to drive our business forward in this ever-changing land God gave us.
Michael Fast

EST. 2016

Dakota Signature Meats was established in 2016 by Michael Fast. Michael was raised on the family farm and from a very young age was engaged and took interest in every area of the cattle operation. 

high quality BEEF

After college he pursued his dream to bring quality beef to the consumer. He takes pride in his work with cattle but also in soil management. 

2021 & beyond

5 years later and DSM is a full time job for several of the Fast Family Members! We ship meat all over America!

Our beef is Beef Quality Assurance certified and USDA inspected to ensure that the consumer is getting the best. Your beef is hand selected based on appearance, size, number of days on correct diet, and manner.

Reducing stress on cattle!

We have long known that great tasting beef doesn’t come from great grillin’ and cookin’, it comes from high quality cattle. If you start with great stock, you will get a great steak, burger, and roast. You don’t need seasonings or marinades to make our beef taste great, it just naturally tastes that way.


We take pride in the humane treatment of our cattle. The cattle are calm and welcome the feed wagon each and every morning! By reducing stress on cattle, the consumer will be treated to a tender and juicy meal sure to satisfy your appetite!